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Extractors Botanical

model 1

Obe-One: 2,5000 gram extractor unit.

Built strong and big - recommended for large industrial use and mass production.


model 2

Obe-Dos: 1,000 gram extractor model.

Not too big, not to small, but just right - recommended for retail and personal use.


model 3

Obe-Trice: 250 gram extractor model.

Good things come in small packages - recommended for personal use.


Extractors Models

Emotek Botanical Extractors are built to the highest indusrital standards. For a long-lasting Extractor - get Emotek!

Extractors Botanical

About our models

The Emotek line of extractors are
the highest quality units on the market.

Our machines are built from Bio-tech stainless

With safety and efficiancy leading our designers
the Emotek line is a product you will be happy with.